Finding the right sign company for your business marketing

Finding the right sign company in Memphis, TN can be challenging. A sign company can be as distinctive as the company that installs it. That is why it is important to think about who will be on site when your sign goes up. Will they be on the roof, or the grounds? What do they do best – hanging panels or banner stands?

While a typical local sign company may be an excellent fit for small local businesses with only one location, a multi-location business will likely find the logistics of servicing multiple vendors extremely cumbersome and time-consuming. A single-source sign company is best suited for delivering consistent brand name, high-quality product, and the degree of supervision that larger installations require at inception and over the long term. However, when your signs are outside the home or office, it is critical to find an outdoor signs designer that not only has local design experience but an understanding of the specific challenges you face in the Memphis’ environment. Here are a few questions to ask your sign designer before you make a final selection:

Does the sign company have local sign fabricators? Some sign fabricators are only licensed to produce signs in a particular state, and may only offer local designs. This could include signs for “Bars” in Chicago, “Zoo” in San Diego, or “The Warehouse” in New York City, among other locations. If you want signs that are made with high-quality fabrics and features that reflect your company’s image and culture, you need a sign company with a strong network of trusted sign fabricators and designers.

Does the sign company to work with a custom sign manufacturer? Many sign companies create custom logos and signage for clients, giving them control over what they want and at what price point. In addition to the design elements described above, your sign company should also be able to provide you with high-quality printing and die-cutting services. While most sign manufacturers and printers can create custom signage, not all do. You’ll want a sign company that can produce your logo, colors, text, and other graphics as well as a color laser print of your artwork.

What part of the sign fabrication process does the sign company use? The most important part of the entire sign fabrication process is the design. If you don’t really know what your customers want, you’re unlikely to know what will motivate them to buy from you, and ultimately, increase your sales. To ensure you’re creative and informative in your signage, be sure to work with a design firm that has expertise in sign design, graphics, and business marketing. A good team will help you think of innovative ways to reach your customers, while presenting you with compelling visuals that highlight your products and services.

Your new sign company should have an extensive catalog of artwork available for you to choose from. Many of the sign companies out there will have a large number of photos of previous signs and fabrics that you can choose from. In addition, these companies usually have a large number of fabric swatches and samples that they can show you. You’ll want to see and touch a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and textures before making a decision. Taking your time is the key to making a good decision so it’s important to find a sign manufacturer and sign fabric supplier who will work closely with you to develop the look that best represents your company.